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  • Yehuda Pevzner

Waging War

This week’s Parsha is Ki Teitzei. The Torah speaks about going to war “over” your enemy. Normally, it would say “against” your enemy. The Torah uses this language as a promise that when we go to war, we will surely be above them.

Everything in the Torah is a lesson in our daily lives.

Going out to war refers to the constant battle we have with our evil inclination and bad desires. We must win this war. Sometimes, we fail and think about giving up.

The Torah reminds us that the war is not a losing battle - we WILL win it! We are always above our enemy. We win by knowing that G-d gives us the power to do so!

This idea is very apropos to the time we are in now. We are standing 2 weeks before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It’s a time for us to continue our battle to add in good deeds and acts of kindness.

Let’s prepare ourselves to enter Rosh Hashana fully victorious and bring Moshiach now!

Shabbat Candle lighting time for NYC is before 7:30 PM


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