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Meir's Tank


Meir Likhovetski a"h was a 19-year old bochur from Toronto, who was spending the year on Shlichus in Ohio.  

Tragically, he was killed in a horrific car accident on Monday evening, 5 Adar II. 
Meir was a bochur who gave his heart and soul to the Rebbe's inyamin, including Mivtzoim. He joined us many times on the Mitzvah Tank. 

We would like to dedicate our new tank in memory of Meir, in time for his Shloshim on 4 Nissan.

Please help us raise the funds for this special project!

לע"נ הת' מאיר יעקב פייוועל ע"ה בן יבלחט"א הרה''ח מרדכי שיחיו ליכאוועצקי

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