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  • Yehuda Pevzner

Unreasonable Choices

We each encounter countless choices every day: Coffee or tea? Should I take a train or taxi to work? Should I take the job in marketing or the one in accounting? We measure the pros and cons of each option. But what if the choices were equal in our eyes? Which would we choose?

The Torah portion of this week speaks about Avraham Avinu and his journey away from his homeland. At the time of the opening phrase of the Parsha, Avraham was 75 years old. The Torah does not talk about his life prior to that point, even though the Midrash is full of accounts and narratives about his sacrifice and discovery of monotheism.

We also see a difference between Noach and Avraham. Noach was described as a righteous person, while Avraham has no description. Why is this so?

G-d chose Avraham, not for what he did or what he would do. Avraham was chosen by G-d because he and his children are whom He desired. Therefore, Avraham’s prior actions and descriptions are irrelevant because that’s not why he was chosen. This was a choice that G-d made from the start, for no specific reason.

And because we’re the chosen nation, we have a lot to live up to! Can we match G-d’s will and also do what He wants for no reason at all?

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

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