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  • Yehuda Pevzner

Double Double Day Day

A Chassid, Rabbi Avraham Alter Haber, asked the Rebbe how to balance his many obligations at home, at work, and in his community service. The Rebbe answered: The important thing is to decide that you are capable and the very firm decision gives you the strength to succeed.

This week, we read a double Torah portion in Shul on Shabbat. The two Parshiyot, Vayakhel and Pekudei, discuss the Jews building the Mishkan (the temporary Holy Temple in the desert) and making the clothing of the kohanim. These passages however, are almost word for word copied from the two Parshiyot beforehand, which is where G-d gave the commands.

One can wonder about this. Every word of the Torah is counted. Why not simply say that the Jews made the vessels and the clothes the way G-d commanded? The many extra verses would then be unnecessary.

In the previous Torah portions, Terumah and Tetzavah, we only see the spiritual potential for the Temple. Yes, it was very lofty, commanded by G-d, given to the holiest Jew in the world. Yet, G‑d's Will was only accomplished, and G-d’s presence was only revealed, by the actual physical building, described in this week’s Parshiyos.

A lot of the building was done supernaturally. The Menorah was formed from one entity of gold, shaped by being thrown into fire. The horizontal beam keeping the walls in place curved miraculously at the corners. And there was more.

But the miracles only happened once the Jews started building the Mishkan. They didn’t spend time wondering how it would happen. They made a decision to put Hashem’s will into practice. And G-d helped them. In every area of Judaism, too, G‑d gives us the assurance, provided we are enthusiastic and committed, that He will “dwell among us”.

Candle lighting time in NYC: 6:46 PM.

Shabbat Shalom!


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