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  • Yehuda Pevzner

Chasing Peace

This week we read about the passing of Aharon the High Priest, brother of Miriam and Moses. The Torah describes the mourning that ensued as “all encompassing”—every single Jew of that generation mourned.

Aharon was known as a man of peace. In addition to his duties as High Priest, he spent all his time pursuing peace, looking for ways to help people reconcile, going out of his way to bring people together. In fact, the great sage Hillel once said that Aharon is who we should all strive to emulate: "Be a disciple of Aharon; love peace, pursue peace, love G‑d's creations, and bring them closer to Torah."

It is for this reason that when he passed away, the loss was felt throughout the entire Jewish nation.

May we all learn from him and be the reason the world becomes a most peaceful place for all mankind – with the coming of Moshiach!

Shabbat Shalom!

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