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  • Yehuda Pevzner

The Cow that Mooed

Did you know that after midday on Tisha Be’av, we stop some of the restrictions associated with the day? Do you know why?

Our sages tell us that despite the sadness and pain associated with the 9th of Av, this is the birthday of Moshiach, our future redeemer (Jerusalem Talmud, Berachot 2:4):

"On the day that the Holy Temple was destroyed, a Jew was plowing his field when his cow suddenly called out. An Arab was passing by and heard the low of the cow. Said the Arab: 'Jew, Jew! Unyoke your cow, free the stake of your plow, for your Holy Temple has now been destroyed.' The cow then lowed a second time. Said the Arab: 'Jew, Jew! Yoke your cow, reset the stake of your plow, for the Redeemer has now been born...'"

The redeemer, and with him the potential for redemption, was born the moment after the destruction. Indeed, though ostensibly the destruction was a consequence of the Jews' sins, there was a deeper reason for it all. From the ashes of the destroyed temples will arise an infinitely greater Temple, one constructed by G-d Himself, one that will stand for all eternity. We eagerly await the day when G‑d will comfort and console us and return us to our homeland.

Wishing you an inspirational rest of Tisha Be’av and a Shabbat Shalom! Candle lighting time is Friday, 7:58 PM in NYC.


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