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  • Yehuda Pevzner

Is Meat Bad?

This week, we speak about the first journey of the Jews in the desert

The door tells us that after the food they brought out from Egypt finished, the Jews came to Moshe with two different complaints. They asked for bread and meat. 

The request for bread was granted in the form of Manna, while the meat came down in torrential rains of fowl. G-d didn’t feel that they were right to ask for meat, which one could easily live without. 

When the Torah tells us something, that means that we need to learn a lesson in our daily lives. What is the lesson that we need to learn from the fact that the Jews also asked for meat?

On a surface level, bread refers to the basic needs, and meat refers to the fats, the inside, the inner essence of things. 

At that time, it was before the giving of the Torah. Therefore, the Jews were not yet deserving to receive the meat, the fats of the Torah, and that’s why their request was wrong.

In our times, it is definitely an appropriate request to ask for. In fact, we should demand that we receive already the essence of the Torah to be revealed when Moshiach comes!

Shabbat Shalom!

Candle lighting time this week in NYC is Friday at 4:47 PM


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