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  • Yehuda Pevzner

A Constant Fire

In this week’s Torah portion, we find the command to keep a constant fire burning on the altar. This was done as a preparation for the G-dly fire that would descend onto the altar. In order to draw down the divine energy from above, the people below had to initiate by lighting their own fire.

Every Jew has a Holy Temple within his soul, and just as G-d rested on the Tabernacle, He rests within us as well. We, however, must tend to our “constant fire” - our enthusiasm and warmth for observing Torah and Mitzvot. This enthusiasm and warmth must express itself through the three main pillars of observance: Torah, prayer, and acts of kindness.

Torah: Start with a regular session of Torah study every day! But don’t suffice with no further thought given to Torah for the rest of the day. Rather, the Torah should permeate one’s consciousness, so that one is thinking Torah-oriented thoughts on a constant basis. To find a Torah class near you, contact us!

Prayer: Serving G-d is not merely a rote recital of pre-arranged prayers but the expression of one’s deepest feelings toward G-d. Invest in your prayers!

Acts of Kindness: Like all Mitzvot, one should not do good deeds simply to fulfill an obligation but rather out of feelings of concern, and with enthusiasm.

Through studying Torah and fulfilling Mitzvot joyously and with excitement, we will merit to draw down the Divine fire, with the rebuilding of the final Temple, may it be NOW!

Candle lighting time in NYC is at 7:00 PM.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!


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