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To our dear friends,

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday of Chanuka, we are planning a grand Chanuka "Parade of Light"! We will bring the light of the Chanuka Menorah to thousands of Jews throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan!

For each day of Chanuka, we are planning to take out 8 Chanuka Menorah Trucks in addition to our 3 Mitzvah Tanks. These will be decked with large Menorahs and will be driven to different areas around NYC.

Additionally, we will be giving out Chanuka Menorah kits to every Jew we meet along the way. 


Apart from spreading the miracle that Hashem did for us, we will also be able to reach many Jews and bring them great light and joy to illuminate their hearts. 

 This big operation requires a lot of financial support, and we would be grateful if you would partner with us!

Details of expenses:

* Construction of giant menorahs - $350/truck

* Gas expenses and rental fees - $850/truck

* 200 Menorah kits - $500/truck

* Banners and signs - $150/truck

Total: $1850/truck

This comes out to a total of $20,350!

Please join us and become a part in this phenomenal feat! 


May we usher in, even before the holiday of Chanuka, the light of the complete redemption and the revelation of our King Moshiach immediately! 


With much appreciation,

Yehuda Pevzner


‎Mitzvah Tank NYC

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