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  • Yehuda Pevzner

Why Adam & Eve?

This week, we read the first Torah portion, Parshat Bereishis. This Parsha talks about the creation of the world and Adam & Eve. We also learn about the sin they committed with the Tree of Knowledge. Throughout history, there were countless of people who didn't sin like they did. In fact, we know of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our patriarchs. They were true servants of G-d. They never sinned. Why, then, did G-d not start mankind with them? Why did He create Adam and Eve & allow them to sin? The first man could have been Abraham, a pure soul!

The Rebbe explains that Adam and Eve's creation and sin was part of Hashem's plan for the design of the nature of the world. G-d wanted the world to run in this way until Abraham showed up. What's special about him is that he learned everything by himself. He reached great heights on his own.

If Hashem wanted perfection, He would have created perfect beings. He wants us to use our own strengths to work on ourselves. Until the time of Abraham, the world did not see G-dliness. Adam & Eve saw G-d but the revelation faded from the world. Abraham learned and understood G-dliness without its revelation. He struggled to see it and mastered it.

During the month of Tishrei, we are on a spiritual high. So many holidays; G-d's presence is very revealed. But Hashem wants it to come from us. He wants us to work on ourselves. G-d could do anything and yet, He didn't. He left it up to us to do our mission with our capabilities, to accomplish what we can until the ultimate redemption with the coming of Moshiach!

Shabbat Shalom! Candle lighting time (NYC): 6:19 PM


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